Home Lift at The Whitley Residences

One of the highlights at The Whitley Residences is the home lift in every unit.  Not just any home lift, but a see through and glamorous looking home lift.  Residents would be so proud of it because it looks so stunning and adds much prestige to the touch and feel of the homes.

Home lift at every level in a strata landed home is very useful.  You would not need to worry about not being able to take the stairs.  You would not have to worry about older people who are weaker or when you are not able to climb the stairs when you are injured or sick.  In fact, in your every day activities, you would be able to carry heavy items up 4 levels without any issues.

The home lift are The Whitley Residences is able to take 400 kgs or 6 persons.  The design of the lift is such that it is large enough to hold a wheelchair with an adult.